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Our Garden Center is expanding!

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We realize this is a difficult and trying time for all of us. We would like to make getting your products as easy as possible.
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If you are planning to do a project, hardscaping, landscaping, edging-mulching and would like a quote from our designers. No problem. Just give us a call and we will be glad to get things started.
We value our customers, office staff and crews. We will make it a priority always to keep everyone healthy and work under the best guidelines. We are praying for you.
Mulches, Top Soil, Mushroom Compost, Decorative Stone, Boulders, Trees, Shrubs, Grasses, Perennials, Ground Covering, Grass Seed, and More! We provided great advice, service and delivery available.

We sell in bulk. Mulch, Topsoil, Mushroom Compost, Gravel, Decorative Rock and more. Any amount can be purchased for pick up or delivery. A surcharge may be added for smaller deliveries.

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All of our mulches are treated hardwood.
Single shreds are taken through the mulch shredder only once. A courser look.
Double shreds are taken through the mulch shredder twice. More refined.

Natural in Color: Single Shred, Double Dark Shred, and Playground

Dyed in Color: Red, Black, and Chocolate (double shred)

Why Mulch?

Mulching is a benefit for you and your plants. Mulch is a layer of protection that is applied around the base of your trees and plants.
One of the most common materials used for mulching in Western PA is shredded hardwood, which is available in many varieties.

The benefits of mulching are:

  • Helps to prevent soil erosion.
  • Helps to control weeds.
  • Regulates soil temperatures.
  • Adds beautiful color to your landscaping and gives a nice defined/refined finished appearance.
  • Retains moisture and helps the plants and trees develop strong and healthy root systems.

  • Trees

    For the d.i.y. gardeners and landscapers, Lawnworks stocks a beautiful array of plants and trees to adorn your new or existing landscape. We start with plants that are well established and hearty so the plants/trees blend into your landscape and do not take several months or years to catch up.

    Our trees on site are 2″ in diameter and bigger. You will find a nice variety of trees hardy for our western Pennsylvania climate.

    Conifer varieties, which provide color all year long:

    • Hemlocks
    • Blue and Green Spruces
    • Globosas
    • Norway Spruces
    • Weeping Norways
    • Many topiary forms also available

    Deciduous (leaf bearing) varieties provide beautiful seasonal colors and shade:

    • Shade Master Locusts
    • Red Sunset Maples
    • Japanese Maples
    • Dogwoods
    • Weeping Snow Cherries
    • Crabtrees
    • Ornamental Pear and Plum trees
    • Many more

    Plants and shrubs range in many types from ground coverings such as Blue Rug (Wiltoni) Junipers to
    Popular Shrubs like Hollies, Hydrangeas, Boxwoods, Sand Cherries, Miss Kim Lilacs, and Knockout Roses.

    Trees and shrubs can be purchased individually or picked out for landscape designs planned by our landscape architects.



    More Shrubs and Perrenials

    Rocks and Boulders

    Lawnworks stocks the largest variety of natural boulders in the area. Many sizes to choose from.

    We also stock a wide selection of Lime stone and decorative rock:

    • Natural boulders ranging from small to large
    • Red Decorative Stone
    • Pearl Pebbles
    • Mocha Decorative
    • Cherry Vanilla
    • Black Granite
    • Sandstone Flagstone (by the pallet)
    • Maryland Blue Flagstone (by the pallet)
    • River Rock #2, #3, #4
    • Limestone, 2A Modified, Limestone Sand/Dust, 2A
      Pea Gravel, Sand, and More

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    We carry topsoil in the following varieties:

      • Sceened Topsoil
      • Mushroom Compost
      • Screened Premium is a great combo of Topsoil with organic compost

    Penn State Grass Seed sold by the bag or pound.

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